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Linda Reviea WELV President, 2017-2018
Linda Reviea WELV President, 2017-2018

WELV is an organization committed to supporting and mentoring women education leaders. Working collaboratively with women across Virginia, we are creating networking and professional development opportunities that expand our skills, showcase our talents, and celebrate the importance of outstanding leadership in education at all levels.

The needs of students from the earliest of ages through higher education have never been greater. Their families need to have access to professionals who are willing to listen and have high expectations for all children. Each of us can make a significant difference and be the inspiration someone needs to achieve their goals. As Rita Pierson said, “We’re educators. We’re born to make a difference.”

I look forward to connecting with you through regional meetings, our annual conference, and at professional events. Reach out to the women around you and remember Katherine Miracle’s quote

– “Don’t wait on a leader…look in the mirror, it’s you!”

Let’s have a great year leading, learning and laughing together.

Linda Reviea~