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Welcome to WELV!
Linda Reviea WELV President, 2017-2018
Linda Reviea WELV President, 2017-2018

Welcome to WELV! I am glad that you have found our website and hope that you will take a few minutes to explore our links, resources and information about our annual conference. WELV is an organization committed to women educators in Virginia - and beyond. We strive to lift up women who work tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of students.

Each of us is a leader regardless of the title we hold. We make an impact in others’ lives with every word spoken and action undertaken. The burden of positive leadership is made easier when we join together. A common vision of excellence in professional development, mentoring, teaching, and support compels us to network. In networking, we broaden our resources and strengthen our foundation. Just thinking of the many women that I have met through this organization is inspiring.

I invite you to join WELV. Each member adds unique experiences that help us to grow and expand our sphere of influence. I challenge you to embrace your power as an influencer - be the difference today. Walk with other women who lead with conviction, compassion and determination.

Join WELV today - be inspired, be inspirational!

Linda Reviea~