Ambassadors Program

The WELV Ambassadors Program provides an opportunity for individual women leaders to lead outreach efforts for WELV, and help spread the core mission of the organization.


  1. Disseminate information from our Regional Representatives to colleagues in their building, department, and/or region.
  2. Host book studies and “chat and chew” sessions about timely topics related to women in leadership positions.
  3. Advocate for your peers to join WELV so they can experience our networking and professional and personal learning opportunities.
  4. Create opportunities for women to collaborate and share success stories.
  5. Seek information on cutting edge instructional delivery methodology and share it with others.
  6. Offer an “informal survey” to determine what your colleagues need and want from WELV.
  7. Visibly promote WELV through social media outlets.
  8. Connect regularly with your Regional Rep to share your insights, your findings, and your suggestions related to the services that WELV provides.
  9. Be an approachable and passionate advocate for women in leadership roles.
  10. And, last but not least: Make a commitment to spend face-to-face time with women new to our profession and offer your support!


If you would like to take on a leadership role in WELV, you are encouraged to become an Ambassador. Please contact Elaine Fogliani (, the Executive Director of WELV, and your Regional Representative (see list below) for more information.

Meet Taneshia Rachal, the first WELV Ambassador

Dr. Taneshia H. Rachal
Dr. Taneshia H. Rachal

As a life-long educator, her true passion lies in providing educational reform for diverse student populations, critically examining curriculum, teaching, and learning processes, and increasing achievement and equity in schools.

Click here to read more about Taneshia Rachal



Email your WELV Regional Representative (see below) . . . and Elaine Fogliani, the WELV Executive Director

Click here for a PDF List of School Divisions in Each Region