Message from Elaine Fogliani, WELV Executive Director 2018-2019

WELV turns 20 in March of this year! I continue to feel honored to serve as the executive director of this unique and important organization led by a dynamic group of women leaders. With their commitment and passion for the mission of WELV, we continue to expand our sphere of influence and embrace new mindsets of leadership for today and the future.

With the continued leadership of President Linda Reviea and the future vision of WELV’s President-Elect, Kim Evans, we remain at the forefront of service to Virginia’s women leaders. We continue our important mission of support for current educational leaders while cultivating and nurturing our next generation of women leaders in Virginia.

With Judy Lam as our administrative coordinator and Regina Turner serving as WELV’s social media coordinator, I am grateful for the spirit of teamwork we bring to the day-to –day operations of WELV.

We celebrated WELV’s 19th Birthday at the AnnualConference in March. Based on the response we received, this conference was again uplifting, informative and fun. The 20th Annual Conference promises to continue that tradition with Pam Moran anchoring the conference entitled. “Multiplying the Effect of Remarkable Leaders” Stay tuned and mark your calendars for March 14-15, 2019.

Outreach and networking have been at the forefront of WELV’s Strategic Plan. We currently have three strong WELV Affiliates in Loudoun County, Fredericksburg and Lynchburg. The Ambassador Program continues to grow in the state.

We are delighted to announce our first WELV Conference in Southwest Virginia. On October 19, WELV will host at the University of Virginia’s College in Wise a one-day conference, Presence and Mindsets for Women Leaders of Today “Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges”. This has been a personal goal of WELV outreach for me and I am thrilled that we can finally make a Southwest Virginia event a reality.

When I look to the future of WELV, I continue to see the emergence of a bolder more vibrant organization with greater impact for women leaders. I envision a greater influence for the organization both in Virginia and nationally. I continue to lead on the shoulders of those women who founded WELV twenty years ago and those who have served as leaders of the organization. Without their vision and commitment, there would be no WELV. Bold visionaries such as Margaret Blackmon, Pam Tucker, and Donna Plasket who launched the organization are leaders who multiply their impact. Coupled with bold leaders such as Laurie McCullough, Pam Moran, Rosa Atkins and Beth Baptist who have shared their wisdom and passion to grow the organization, WELV is well positioned to grow and serve for years into the future. Thank you for entrusting me to lead WELV into that future.

Elaine Fogliani, Ph.D.