WELV Affiliates

Description - WELV Affiliates

A school, school division, multiple school divisions or higher education department, school, or institution may create a WELV Affiliate.

Affiliate leaders apply for affiliate status by contacting the WELV executive director with a plan for the formation of the group, including proposed activities and a description of the women leaders it will serve.

All members MUST be WELV members.

Each Affiliate may design an organization that meets the needs of its members. The only requirement is that the purpose of the group and all its activities are aligned with the mission and goals of WELV.

WELV Local Affiliates were initiated in the fall of 2013, when a group of women educators from Fredericksburg decided to form a local “affiliate” chapter of WELV called “Women in Leadership,” or WILd.

The hope was that this group could meet regularly to extend the mentoring and the discussion of issues that are such a valuable part of the WELV Annual Conference each spring.

WILd’s activities throughout the year were highlighted in March of 2014 at the WELV Annual Conference, and it inspired other groups of women educators to form their own Local Affiliates of WELV during the 2014-2015 school year.

In addition to WILd in Region III, WELV now has Local Affiliates in Region I (“Dining, Discussion, and Debriefing,” or D3) and in Region IV (“Women Administrators Leading Loudon,” or WALL).

The goal of these Local Affiliates is to support the WELV mission by providing numerous opportunities for social as well as professional networking. Women educators meet to discuss books and articles and to share their experiences in order to learn from each other effective ways of dealing with the challenges faced by women leaders today.

For more information on forming a WELV Affiliate Chapter, please contact WELV Executive Director Elaine Fogliani and your regional representative on the WELV Board of Directors (click here for a list of Regional Representatives).

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